Manual Tools and Wrenches

Manual Tools and Wrenches

Tools for industrial use, for instance in plant and machinery construction, must meet extremely high requirements:

  • certified safety
  • Functionality and ergonomics as the pre-conditions for speed and efficiency
  • Durability and low wear
  • Robustness for constant use in the upper load third
  • Suitable for use in confined spaces
  • Highest precision and repeat precision within prescribed DIN tolerances
  • Premium tools for industry

For these requirements, we have just the right solutions for you: because we are not only a premium manufacturer, but also have the most comprehensive range of hand and special tools of any European manufacturer.

Maximum precision and perfect tightening control are guaranteed, for instance, by our torque tools such as the Dremaster and the Alu-Dremometer. Our 3K screwdrivers with Power Grip and impact flap far exceed the torques required by DIN/ISO. While our intelligent electronic torque wrench E-torc scores for its many and varied measuring and analysis functions, powerful software and the interfaces for data communication.

Strong drop-forged tools

Naturally, our tools all comply with the highest safety requirements, and are extremely strong and durable. This applies in particular to our drop-forged tools such as wrenches, ratchets, sockets, 2-armed pullers and pliers that are especially strong and tough. Our pliers also appeal for providing the maximum cutting performance with the minimum effort. The optimum interplay between cutting geometry, eccentric rivet bearing and the ergonomic handle design guarantees the optimum working results.

  • Dremote
  • Hand tools
  • Torque multiplier
  • Torque transducer
  • Unknown

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