On-site induction bolt heating services

Induction bolt heating by First Bolting

Since 2012, with our induction bolt heating machines, we’ve been operating on-site in different sites throughout Europe and worldwide in more than 16 countries!

We accomplished more than 180 works with customers like Alstom, GE, Siemens, Team Industrial, RWE, E.ON, Mitsubishi, Skoda Power, Team, Man turbo, Stork, Dresser, EDF …

Our “Speed” Generator can work on all type of voltage (380 to 480 V).

It heats only the center of the bolt at the optimal temperature. Like this the other parts are preserved from the heat. it minimizes heat transfer to the surrounding metal. In a short period of time, the stud is heated properly and assembly/disassembly can begin.

Bolt heating inductio machine by First Bolting

We carry induction generators from 15 to 50 kW.

First Bolting has the widest range of inductor sizes available and will even build a custom size for the application in record time


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