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We carry a huge stock of tools, dedicated for your rental needs, available 24/7/365 for delivery across Europe! Our stock consists of: Hydraulic torque wrenches, windshield wrenches, hydraulic tensioners and jacks, power plugs and much more … More infos


Maintenance, repair, control and calibration any brand

Our logistic procedures and our super equipped workshops guarantee you a flawless efficiency in record time … and 24/7 on request! More infos


On-site service – Induction

Already more than 10 years of experience in supply and manufacture of induction clamping machines throughout Europe. Our “Speed” machine can work anywhere in the world in case you need to share them across different sites. We can also tailor it to a specific application. More infos


Controlled Tightening Training

Educational objective

To be able:

  • to recognize the characteristics of the elements of a bolted joint and the tightening techniques: torque, tension.
  • to prepare a hydraulic tightening site.
  • o perform hydraulic tightening, torque and / or tension, according to the tightening values ​​provided, respecting the tightening and safety procedures.

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