Smart battery nutrunner

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Increase your productivity with the SRB smart battery nutrunner, a battery-powered bolting tool with traceability for your critical applications

With our new range of hight torque smart battery nutrunner, we are using our knowledge and experience to bring the smart factory to the field.

The new wireless range is equipped with a torque sensor for maximum reliability. All tools have a powerful motor and double trigger, minimising the risk of injury to operators.

These features meet our requirements: to make the operating process faster, safer and smarter for our customers.

The pros of SRB smart battery nutrunner

SRB smart battery nutrunners have been designed to withstand the sometimes complicated operating conditions, while providing high efficiency and advanced features for precision work:

  • Torque range from 1300 to 4000 Nm
  • IP41 protection against infiltration
  • Control and programming screen
  • Double trigger
  • User-friendly
  • Multifonction spotlight (lighting and feedback)
  • High performance motor
  • Integrated torque and angle sensor (depending on model)

SRB cordless nutrunners are available in three levels of functionality to meet your specific needs

We offer 3 models : Digital, Smart and Connected.


SRB smart battery nutrunner model digital for sale or rent at First Bolting SRB digital smart battery nutrunner model smart for sale or rent at First Bolting SRB digital smart battery nutrunner model connected for sale or rent at First Bolting
Feature / Model Digital Smart Connected
Double trigger for more safety
Socket release
Guiding LED Feedback
Torque transducer
Permanent magnet motor
HMI display
Internal wifi server for data collection
Presets (10)
Batch mode (10)
Angle monitoring
Torque + angle strategy
Torque tolerances
Live data collection
Operator guidance
SQS configuration
Smart battery nutrunner Buy / Rent
Model Square drive Torque range (Nm) Speed (rpm) Weight (kg*) Length (mm) CS distance (mm)
ETP SRB81-1300 HA ¾” 390-1300 23 5,5 378 32
ETP SRB81-2400-HA 1” 720-2400 11 6,8 428 35,5
ETP SRB81-3400-HA 1” 1020-3400 7 8,5 441 55,5
ETP SRB81-4000-HA 1” 1200-4000 5 8,5 441 55,5

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