Hydraulic flange spreaders

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Our hydraulic flange spreaders are all made from first quality raw material and fully manufactured in Belgium!

Max force

Choose the best model out of your applications needs: 10, 16 or 20 Tons force, we have them all!

Dual function

Whether you want to use them for spreading flanges or lift heavy equipment just change the jaws fitting your needs!

Long lasting

We guaranty our hydraulic flange spreaders 3 years! Who can beat such a warranty? If First Bolting is able to make such offer, it’s because we’re sure about the product we deliver to our customers.

Customize your hydraulic flange spreader

Choose what best suits your needs: with 1, 2 or 3 spreaders, pumps, distribution blocks, 1,5, 3 or 6 meters hoses with or without box… Let us know and we will make it for you!

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