Pneumatic torque wrenches

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Do you tighten or loosen heavy duty bolts? Adopt these light and compact industrial pneumatic torque wrenches from Atlas Copco to increase your productivity. Controlled tightening at your fingertips up to 8100 Nm!

The RTP pneumatic nutrunner is designed for flange-related and other bolting applications in the e.g. oil & gas, power generation and wind energy segments.

The lightweight nutrunner helps increase productivity where the job includes loosening or tightening heavy duty bolts.

The tool’s slim gear-pack gives effortless access to bolts in cramped spaces making it a valuable tool for reman (remanufacturing) maintenance, repair and overhaul operations in the mining and offroad segments.

These models are designed for bolts from 20 to 52mm.

We offer as well as optional accessories, such as reaction bar, trigger guard, gear/motor housing…

Why choose our pneumatic torque wrenches?

  • Excellent accessibility
  • High accuracy
  • Flexible and safe
  • Easy on the operator

Find below the technical specifications of the available products, to help you in your choice. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any advice.

Pneumatic torque wrenches (RTP) Buy / Rent


Model Bolt size Square drive Min torque Max torque Free speed Weight Length CS distance Air consumption at free speed Rec. Hose size Air inlet thread
at 3 bar at 6.3 bar r/min kg mm mm l/s cfm mm in
RTP1300-HR20 20-27 3/4 560 1300 20 3.7 248 32 23 48.7 13 3/8
RTP2600-HR25 20-36 1 700 2600 10 5 300 34 23 48.7 13 3/8
RTP4100-HR25 30-45 1 1850 4100 10 8.7 335 41 31 65.5 13 3/8
RTP8100-GIR38 33-52 1 1/2 2200 8100 10 13.5 444 51 50 105 13 1/2

*Weight excluding reaction bar
NOTE: For all models in the table declared noise and vibration emmisions according to ISO 28927-2 and SO 15744.
Sound pressure level for RTP4100-HR25 is 90 dB(A), for RTP1300 HR20 86 dB(A)
and vibration value for both models are < 2.5 m/s2


Model Description
RTP1300 Reaction bar, S-type
RTP4100 Reaction bar, S-type
RTP1300/4100 Nipple, ErgoNIP 10. M10, BSP
RTP1300/4100 Productivity kit FRL stand, BSP


Model Description
RTP1300 / 4100 MultiFlex swivel 3/8 BSP
RTP1300 / 4100 Trigger guard
RTP1300 Reaction bar, sliding-drive
RTP1300 Reaction bar, steel bar
RTP1300 Reaction bar, square bracket
RTP4100 Reaction bar, sliding-drive
RTP4100 Reaction bar, steel bar
RTP4100 Reaction bar, square bracket

NOTE: All reaction bars includes a snap ring


Model Description
RTP1300 Gear / Motor housing
RTP4100 Gear / Motor housing
RTP1300 Gear / Motor / Motor housing
RTP4100 Gear / Motor / Motor housing

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