Induction bolt heating machine

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First Bolting induction bolt heating machines do not generate heat, as the case with electric, gas and radiant heating technologies. It uses induction heating, causing the bolt to heat itself

Forget old traditional heating methods! With more than 10 years’ experience in induction bolt heating we will drive you to success, safety and efficiency.

Our generators “Speed” and “Kera” can work worldwide. Without danger for bolt material, they only heat the center of the bolts.

The technical advantages of our induction bolting machines:

  • Built-in air/water heat exchanger, No water connection needed
  • HF generator power= 15, 25 or 50kW
  • Accepts any voltage from 380 to 500 volts (Optional)
  • Light & compact design, equipped with 360° wheels
  • User-Friendly, Easy to operate with automatic or manual power regulation
  • Timer integrated to control heating time
  • 10 to 15 meters coaxial cable
  • No burning risk as inductor remains cold
  • All sizes inductors manufacturing, in 48 hours on demand
  • No overheating, inductor remains cold
  • Only heat the center of the bolt; for accurate tightening and to minimize heat dispersion
  • Long life duration of the inductor, can make thousands of bolts
  • Quick heating time
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